Seared Conscience

There is a lot of confusion amongst people in this fair land that law and morality are the same thing.  Not so, as recent history has taught us.  What is moral is not necessarily legal, and what is legal, not always moral.  The problem is that law works two ways, pedagogically, by teaching us the right thing to do, and coercively, by forcing us to do it (whether we agree with the law or not).  Hence, under its pedagogical aspect, over time, we tend to think that things that are legal, are moral; the two spheres of law and morality, which should ideally overlap, tend to coalesce in our minds over time.  Eventually, as I described in the Mask of Evil, the corrupt underbelly lying beneath unjust laws sometimes bubbles forth for all the world to see.


Here are two examples over the past week.

In an undercover video Planned Parenthood ‘Doctor’ Deborah Nucatola describes in bland, medical detail their policy of selling baby parts from partial-birth abortions, all the while sipping her glass of vin blanc, while ‘Doctor’ Mary Gatter of the same entity wants the price-point of these ‘body parts’ to be such that she can finally afford that Lamborghini she has always coveted.  I suppose she would have it painted blood red?


I will spare you the details of these macabre conversations, which read like something out of a dystopic science fiction novel, but, as they say, the future is already here (you can get Mark Steyn’s take here and the reliable Father Rutler’s here).  Suffice to say that the diabolical evil of this largest-abortion-provider in the world is finally being brought to light.


How much do we have to know about the abortion industry to realize that future history, presuming there is such, will judge us as harshly as we judge the Nazis?  Any society that murders its nearly-born infants for profit, then sells their parts for even more profit, does not deserve to survive.


Finally, today, Canada’s food and drug administration just approved the RU-486 pill, a chemical abortion cocktail that women can take at home.  The dangers and side effects of this gruesome pharmaceutical nearly defy description, selectively edited by the fawning CBC, but nothing compares to what is done to the developing baby, who is poisoned and forcibly miscarried.  It is, quite simply, a human pesticide.


Abortion is ‘legal’ (or in our country, ‘decriminalized’), but that does not make it moral.  Selling body parts is still illegal, but why should that
stop the vaunted ‘physicians’ at Planned Parenthood?  Our society is more concerned with Cecil, the 13-year old lion killed by an American dentist (lions live for about 14 years, so dear old Cecil was already on his way out.  That said, I do not advocate the kind of puerile hunting described here.  Cecil was shot with a bow and arrow from the safety of the back of a pickup…I mean, if you are going to hunt a lion, at least hunt the lion and put yourself at some degree of risk…This pseudo-macho photo-op here pictured is rather sad and pathetic).


Cecil aside, to paraphrase Christ, one unborn baby is worth many, many lions…


Law is a nothing but a means to help us become more morally virtuous, and a society comprised of individuals of seared and warped conscience, who see nothing wrong with getting away with as much as they can, even infanticide, cannot be governed, and cannot endure.


Yes, we must bring our laws back to some kind of common moral sense, but we must bring ourselves back first.


July 30, 2015

Saint Peter Chrysologous