Sex-Ed Protest Methinks Goes not Far Enough

empty classroomIt was a day of protest in many elementary schools in Ontario, as quite literally thousands of parents kept their children home as a ‘response’ to Kathleen Wynne’s proposed sex-ed curriculum.  The parents were particularly concerned about the introduction of ‘gender identity’ in grade 1, and the normalization of homosexual, ahem, ‘behaviour’.  A small gesture, but one that I hope is a sign of a growing revolution against the insanity of our modern government.


They had one of those protesting parents, a mother, on the CBC, as I was finishing up dinner.  The host of the program, Carol Off, who is off on a lot of things, tried to goad the apparently nervous mother into admitting that homosexual acts were abnormal.  The poor woman kept raising the red-herring of accusing the teachers of bringing sex-talk into unrelated subjects, such as math.  That is not really the point, is it?  Rather, the issue is that the whole notion of ‘sex talk’ really belongs at home.  The State and its teacher-employees have no right to decide when and how children learn about sex, especially disordered sex.


I had to turn the program off, but that is nothing new for me and the CBC (which I do, on occasion, enjoy):  I kept thinking, go on, Mama, tell it like it is.   Put the condescending Ms. Off in her place, declare loud and clear on national radio that, yes, homosexual acts are disordered.  For good effect, describe them in some graphic detail if need be, as well as some of their innumerable deleterious consequences (as Robert Reilly points out in his invaluable Making Gay Okay).  Let the truth out, that the human body was not designed for homosexual intercourse, regardless of whether one considers the designer God, or natural selection, or a bit of both.  Such acts are unfruitful, unsatisfying, and can in no way be made acts of ‘love’, since they do no ‘good’ to the other.


It is a great scandal for the propaganda of the state school system to normalize such acts in the minds of our children.  But, as I will never tire of repeating, we sold out the system long ago when we handed over the education of our children carte blanche over to the government.  The state has full control, signs all the cheques, owns all the buildings and, to a large extent, all the teachers. Thank God for the small mercy that we are still permitted to keep our children at home, even teach them there, should we see fit (unlike Germany, still under the Nazi-era anti-homeschooling laws, making education at home illegal, and state-education compulsory, laws upheld by the European Parliament in 2006).


My advice?  Exercise your rights while you still can, and keep your children out of school not just for one day, but long term. You can teach them better at home than the vast swathe of teachers out there, or at least better than the bloated, broken system in which they teach.  Such a choice, an option at present, may become a moral necessity for those of good conscience, should Wynne and her cronies continue on their course to mandate the pornographic and value-less sex-ed curriculum on our unsuspecting children.  What a message would be sent if the teachers walked into an apocalyptic scene of empty classrooms as the fall semester begins, with all the children happy at home, learning at the feet of their parents who are, after all, the primary educators of their offspring.  The parents could even cooperate and start a small school on their own.


Perhaps even the teachers could protest and stay at home, finally for a good reason, and not just for a fatter paycheque and easier work conditions.  Perhaps they could even offer their expertise to such ‘small schools’, which are, as all schools should be, under the ultimate governance of the parents themselves.


The choice is ours.  For woe to him by whom scandals come, but woe to him double who scandalizes children.


May 4, 2015

Bd. Marie-Leonie Paradis