Would a Real Conservative Please Stand Up?

patrick-brownPatrick Brown continues his castration of the Conservative Party of Ontario, this time rebuking a fellow MPP for making some off-hand comments about the Conservatives being, well, conservative. It seems Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nichols said the following at a dinner for Christian supporters, who may become rare in the near future; after admitting that the party would never be elected on a social conservative platform, he confessed:


Social issues are very, very important. We need to form government, then watch us go…watch us go.


Well, Patrick Brown was having none of that.  As the article goes on:


Brown responded to the report by saying he plans to lead “an inclusive government where intolerance will have no place,” adding “the comments made by MPP Nicholls were false and need to be immediately retracted.”



Nicholls, bad boy that he was, was brought to his knees:


Nicholls did as ordered, issuing a statement saying the Tories “will not be revisiting divisive social issues” in opposition or in government.


“I retract and apologize for my comments of last week,” Nicholls said. “I fully support the direction the leader is taking our party.”


What direction, pray tell, might that be?


So much for the Conservatives.  After the vote late last month eviscerating governmental acknowledgement of the natural family, making illegal any reference to ‘father’ or ‘mother’, allowing up to four parents, and lowering the parent-child bond to the level of a legal contract, what does one now expect from Mr. Brown, who has thrown to the wind even any pretense of being actually conservative?  That a man like Mr. Nicholls, who seems genuinely conservative, would actually stand up to Brown, tell him where to go, and do what he thinks right in conscience, truth and right order?  Ah, we Pollyannas, always expecting the best from people. Thomas More, where art thou?  To give up one’s very conscience for Wales was bad enough, but I would hope Mr. Nicholls has not done so for Chatham-Kent-Essex.


What is it, then, that the Conservatives stand for?  Fewer wind farms?


The question that remains now is, where do real conservatives go? What else is there?  At least in some practically realizable way?


I am open to answers and suggestions, and will publish those that come this way.


And in the meantime, all the joys and blessings in this last Advent novena and countdown before Christmas…