Conservative, Liberal, Vive La Difference?

I have an article on the ‘requirements for political office, posted this  morning on Crisis magazine.  Again, feel free to peruse, and I will post it here in a few days.


And speaking of ambition, there are so many contenders in the upcoming race for leadership of the Federal Conservative Party that I have lost count, with a wide spectrum from the most socially ‘liberal’ (we have to find another word to describe what that term means…immoral and  anarchic come to mind) to the most socially conservative.  I suppose you can guess where my proclivities lie, for the Conservative party is gradually ebbing away what conservatism it had.  Was Stephen Harper a conservative, or just a slower and less radical liberal?  (There we go again).


We do need a real conservative alternative here in Canada, not just a slightly less-socialist Liberal party, and here’s hoping we get one.


The Liberals (one more time!) apparently have no fear of retribution, racking up $130 billion in deficits, not-so-slowly moving Canada’s debt to the trillion dollar Rubicon.  People will vote for them, for their votes are paid by them. Stalin once quipped that “the death of one man was murder, the death of millions a statistic”.  The same could  be said of money:  Wasting $15 on a glass of orange juice, or deviating from abstruse Senate rules of expenditure in the mere thousands will garner you months of media vilification, and even a criminal trial.  Yet Trudeau and his band of merry Liberal sycophants can waste billions, driving the economic bus of the country into the financial Grand Canyon, and a yawn is unheard across this fair land.


We dwell in a crony socialist State, with Trudeau as our very own Hugo Chavez, and I will leave it up to the reader to decide who is the worse ofchavez the two.  If we don’t turn this ship around soon, our own made-in-Canada Venezuela may well be just around the corner.


In the meantime, in the next eight days, you may gain a plenary indulgence for visiting a cemetery and praying for the dead, with the usual conditions.


A blessed All Souls.  All the faithful departed, requiescant in pace.